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Meet Lucy, our main character, who comes to Applebaum's land to save it and restore it to its former glory. We'd be happy to know what you think of this story and many more tales that are yet to come. Write to us in the Contact section!

Let's delve into the world of House Secrets.

House Secrets: Prologue

It all started with a single package.
I always thought I was like you. I always thought that life was all about what you can see with your own eyes. Now I know it's completely not true, because what reality is what you believe in. I just had to believe.
You can get caught up in the quick pace of life so easily. Career, ambitions, goals. Modernity can suck you in no time at all. It did so with me.
My wish has always been to become a successful movie producer. Even though I studied engineering and I worked hard, movies are what had always allured me. To many, movies are a blissful illusion. To me, they were a delicious chance to earn money, but movie business is a tough one. So I worked hard on movie sets, ran errands even when they included picking up laundry or bringing a hot soy latte with cinnamon whenever someone called for one and that meant many times. But I loved it, being in the thick of things. The din of a movie set was my home.
My prospects looked very promising. Soon I was supposed to begin a new position of director assistant. That was an achievement to celebrate. I called all my friends and invited them over for a small party at my place. I was elated, besotted with visions of success that were already blooming in my mind. The visions were almost within my grasp, I was sure of it.
But you have to know, dear reader, that very often nothing happens according to plan. And so one stormy night the thunder was so strong the electricity in the whole building went off with a loud buzz and wild sparks. I woke up terrified and lit up my smartphone screen. Who needed candles these days? We were told that help was coming and electricity was coming back in a matter of hours. We were told to go back to sleep, the storm was supposed to calm down soon. When I went back to my flat, I heard a knock on the door that seemed oddly loud in a silent flat filled with silver zigzags of thunder.
I was naive enough to think it was the emergency services or electricians. I ran to open the door. There was no one outside except a surprise package on the floor that seemed to look at me innocently. I picked it up, thinking it was a present from a friend. What else could it be? I was about to find out.
It was unusually heavy, strange. I closed the door behind me. I was surprised to find out that the package was from Poland. I never had anything to do with this country. I took off the paper packaging and caressed a wooden pine box with deep scratches on it that looked like claw marks. I opened it, there was no lock. Inside, on a silk material rested sparkling precious stones, they were the colours of emerald, amethyst, and crystal blue. Their sharp glow penetrated the darkness of my flat and exuded an eerie, velvety aura of mystery. I stared at them for at least several minutes without moving. There were other vintage memorabilia there, too, such as a photo album, a pocket watch... I couldn't even fathom what I was seeing. There were beautiful, old things, waiting for me to touch them.
It wasn't long before I also noticed a small envelope on the side. I opened it, strangely careful not to touch the stones, as if they would make it disappear. Inside I found a small folded piece of paper. The letter was written in English, yet it arrived from Poland. I was never told I had family there.
I opened the photo album.

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