Meet House Secrets Mr Applebaum

House Secrets: The Beginning is soon arriving at Google Play Store!

  • Meet House Secrets Mr Applebaum

We have another treat for all of you who are looking forward to our game’s official release. Lucy is coming to Poland to discover her family’s past and the mysteries of an old, cursed land that once belonged to Mr Applebaum.

Who is Mr Applebaum and what is his mystery? He was a genius who had a glorious vision of renovating his land and changing the lives of people living there. He is a legend whose ghost permeates this land. We would like to show you our Mr Applebaum.

We’ll keep you posted about the release date of House Secrets, while you can enjoy all our materials we’re happy to be sharing with you. How do you like our Mr Applebaum?

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